Korean bibimbad

I’ve decided to try and be less predictable in my eating – it’s too easy to fall back on habit, and experiments over the winter have reminded me how much I enjoy new tastes.

So, for lunch today, I got a bibimbad from the Food Gangnam Style stall on Leather Lane. For £5, you get a decent size bowl with rice, a variety of vegetables and salad, a fried egg, a choice of meat (I had the spicy chicken) and hot chili sauce.

First things first – it’s good. The mix of flavours is interesting – sourness from some of the pickled veg, fire from the chili sauce,  a fair bit of sweetness from the chicken. With oriental dishes, it’s often as much about the textures as about the flavours – and again, the bibimbad has a lot to offer. Crunch from the salad, a pleasantly fluffy rice, goo from the egg yolk – it’s all there.

The chili sauce is certainly noticable – I like spicy food, but it may be too much for some.

The service was quick (though it was a quiet time, so there was little queuing), the ingredients were fresh, and the portion size was perfect for me.

I’d recommend these guys.