I stumbled across Late Junction about 6 years ago – it was a late evening, I’d had a tough few days at work, and got home from a long day in the office just after 10 in the evening. I made myself a quick snack, and turned on the radio – Radio 3 had a nice bit of Bach tinkling along, and I listened to it whilst staring out the window, into what seemed a dark and stormy night, feeling grumpy. When the Bach program ended, the announcer burbled on briefly about a program called Late Junction; I left the radio on and went to brush my teeth. When I got back to the radio, I heard some utterly unexpected craziness from Yann Tiersen, and was hooked – I stayed up till after midnight listening to Late Junction’s eclectic mix of music.

Since then, whenever I want some musical inspiration, I listen to Late Junction – it’s unpredictable, and every episode seems to have one track I hate, and one track I absolutely love.