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Enterprise innovation through escalating bets

A lot of my work involves working with large, established enterprises to find new ways to reach customers. Sometimes, that’s “just” marketing, sometimes it’s product development, and sometimes it’s business model design. Enterprise innovation is challenging. Most established models for innovation in software build on the concept of “lean” and “iterative/incremental”. The most common point […]

Is web design work drying up?

I was listening to the Tim Ferris podcast where he interview Seth Godin. Seth publishes a new post every day. I’m going to try to write more. I stumbled across a post on Hacker News called “The Elephant in the Room: Web design work is drying up (“. The conversation got pretty heated. The original […]

Business travel

  I travel a lot for work; the last 5 years, I’ve flown at least 30 weeks out of 52, both short-haul and long-haul. I’m tall – 1.93 metres – and don’t much like flying   . Here’s what I’ve learnt. Join the frequent flyers clubs! Get a frequent flyer card, and try to book […]