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Slices, layers, tiers, components – oh my!

A few days ago, I wrote about my experience delivering a large web project and compared it to the Hertz/Accenture law suit. A friend asked me to go into more detail – here’s the gist of our conversation. X: isn’t there a risk that by delivering slices, you’ll introduce lots of duplication? If I want […]

Stories and numbers: OKRs

“Where are we, and what should we do” is a question I’ve had to answer on many consulting engagements. It’s often wrapped in very different language – “How do I deliver this product?”, “Can we invent a new service to serve this type of client?”, “How do we counter this competitor’s move?” are all variants […]

Accenture and Hertz – slices versus layers

I wrote earlier about Hertz suing Accenture over the failed web replatforming. Again – I have no knowledge other than what I read in the press, and this is all conjecture. There’s a line in the article that stood out for me. “Despite having missed the deadline by five months, with no completed elements and […]

Thoughts on the Hertz – Accenture lawsuit

Let’s start with a disclaimer – I have no knowledge of this situation other than what I’ve read on the news. This post is conjecture and opinion, not fact! There’s a news story about Hertz suing Accenture over the design and build of the new Hertz digital eco system. Many of the challenges sound horribly […]

Serverless is (mostly) about money.

I’ve been working on software projects for a living for 30 years. In 1989, I worked on a COBOL application which managed orders, production schedules, billing and payroll for a manufacturing company. Then I worked on a client-server project for professional service automation; next came a range of web projects, along with mobile, video, and […]

Compose first, build last.

I was brainstorming a new product with a client the other day. We had all sorts of amazing ideas, ranging from cool user-interface tweaks to (almost) entirely new business models. “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” was probably the most commonly uttered phrase. And then we came back to ground. Brainstorming is fun – but we […]

Sleep habits.

I found an article online about re-setting your sleep patterns.  I’ve tried this myself, repeatedly – it’s a great way to re-set. I still struggle with insomnia sometimes, and this routine is what I follow when it all gets out of whack. The thing I’d add is that I make sure I’m properly hydrated before […]

Working with large, distributed teams

My last few projects have involved large-ish (up to 50 or so) teams, spread across multiple locations. I’ve been reading about this, and had the occasional conversation with @seldo about how NPM runs its teams, and I’ve realized a few things. Firstly – language is crucial. Invest in a common idiom! My current development team has […]

Customer centric businesses need to be able to iterate. Quickly

I’m seeing the concept of “customer centric” business in more of my work. Focusing on your customer’s experience is obviously a good thing. But… I was chatting to a friend whose business is trying to become more customer centric. My friend is the lead for this project, and he’s encountering all the classic challenges – the […]

Offices suck.

About 5 years ago, people realized that they had better IT from Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn than they got from their own IT. Their home devices were much nicer to use, and much easier to live with, than their work laptop. They got free, unlimited email from Google, with amazing search while their IT department […]