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Category Archives: Stuff I love

Tado smart thermostat experiences

Just before Christmas, I bought a Tado ( smart thermostat online. Here’s what happened… Firstly, the despatch date got pushed back – from early January to mid February. The email notifications were worded a little awkwardly, and I did start to wonder if Tado even existed. Eventually, they dispatched the item, and Parcelforce cocked up […]

Stuff I love: XBMC

XBMC is open source software to manage playing media – music, TV and movies, mostly, but you can also use it for YouTube, TED, catch-up TV, games – anything where you’d like to sit back on the sofa and watch a big screen. I stumbled across XBMC some years ago, when one of our clients […]

Motorcycle shop you can trust

I always get my bike serviced at Howard Powell’s motorcycles in East Ham. They do a good job, are reasonably priced, and always take care to explain what matters and what doesn’t. As they aren’t a main dealer, it can be time consuming to get parts – my Kawasaki needed a wiring loom (whatever that […]

Comic shop Lambiek, Amsterdam

Stuff I love: Lambiek. I first visited Lambiek in the late 1980s – and I don’t think it’s changed much since. It’s a large shop (certainly by Dutch standards), with bookshelves, tables, and display racks groaning under the weight of a HUGE number of Dutch, English and French comics and graphic novels, new, second-hand and […]

Stuff I love: Late Junction on BBC3

I stumbled across Late Junction about 6 years ago – it was a late evening, I’d had a tough few days at work, and got home from a long day in the office just after 10 in the evening. I made myself a quick snack, and turned on the radio – Radio 3 had a […]

Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour bookshop

I bought Robin Sloan’s book “Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour bookshop“, and loved it! The book plays with lots of technology themes – cloud computing, cryptography, data visualization – as well as other geeky concerns like the way Google might work, typography, and special effects. The story in the book hinges on a brilliant perspective shift, […]